How To Use

To successfully complete the e-learning courses, please follow the instructions given below:


1)      Before you enter the e-learning, please choose the language of your preference on the top of the homepage.


2)      Then, on the top of the homepage again, click to register or log in (if you have already registered in the past).


3)      To register please click on the right side of the page which will appear and fill in the information.


4)      After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Then your account is set and you can log in and start the courses.


5)      After you log in, Please click the e-learning button from the home page.


6)      You will then be transferred to a page with country flags where you need to choose the flag of your country or the language you wish to complete the courses.


7)      After watching a short introductory video, press the green button and you will be transferred to the courses


8)       To successfully complete all courses and receive the European Accreditation you need to fill in the pre tests and successfully complete all the post tests (80% correct responses) for each module. You can not unlock next step, unless you have successfully completed the previous one.


Messages will appear in your screen to inform you whether you have passed the test or you need to retake it before moving forward.

After completing the final test, the certificate will unlock and you will be able to download or print it for your own personal use.


If you have any difficulty in completing the courses, please contact :

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